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Vegan Helsinki

I LOVE HELSINKI! It’s the most beautiful city in the loveliest country. To make this very clear, once and for all – it might be repeated once in a while though, I just can’t help it. I don’t necessarily love it for its vegan food, but for pretty much everything else. And it’s not less vegan than most other places.

The places I usually eat at when I’m blessed enough to be there:


@Café Köket (former location)
@Café Köket (former location)

Not far from my beloved Tuomiokirkko (Helsinki Cathedral) you find Hymy Raw Food Cafe (Katariinankatu 1, http://rawfoodcafe.fi) with lovely raw cakes and also some savory dishes as well as Café Köket (Aleksanterinkatu 28/Unioninkatu 27, http://www.cafekoket.fi). Café Köket is not necessarily a vegan place, but I used to love their interior at the former place – which doesn’t help if they are not there anymore, I’m aware of that. Still I somehow wanna like it… And it’s good for using the toilet when you’re in the center.

IMG_1431DSC03022-1Nearby there’s the lovely market at Kauppatori with fresh berries from the forests (and there are many more markets all over Helsinki). Where they sell all the hot food (usually fish or some meat with veggies), it’s worth just getting a plate full of veggies and potatoes for 5 Euros only. There’s also Vegetaari (Eteläranta 1, Vanha kauppahalli), a lovely raw food place in the old market hall that offers really nice salads and other things.

I love Helsinki’s cozy coffee places. Most of them serve at least soy and sometimes even almond or oat milk. At Johan and Nystrom (Kanavaranta 7C, http://johanochnystrom.se/en/about-us/our-places/helsinki/), they use oat milk for their tasty coffee and they also serve raw cakes and sandwiches with an interesting and surprisingly yummy combination (peanut butter, pineapple, sundried tomatoes, onions,…). It’s probably the place where I spent most time when I last visited – apart from Tuomiokirkko, of course.

Johan & Nyström
at Johan & Nyström
at Johan & Nystrom
at Johan & Nystrom
Johan & Nystrom's outside seating
Johan & Nystrom’s outside seating







Other coffee places I like going to are SIS Deli and Cafe (Kalevankatu 4 and in other locations, http://www.sisdeli.fi/inenglish.php), where they also serve some vegan dishes and cakes, Caffi (Mannerheimintie 22-24, at Lasipalatsi, http://www.caffi.fi; just opposite, there was also a pop up store with raw cakes that looked quite nice last time I visited) and two more coffee places that I just recommend because of their location/view, but that are not any more vegan than any other cafe: Sinisen Huvilan Kahvila (Linnunlauluntie 11 H, http://sininenhuvila.weebly.com) and Cafe Regatta (Merikannontie 10, https://www.facebook.com/Cafe-Regatta-official-125305227553336/timeline/). Cafe Kokko (Kalevankatu 31 A, Second Floor, https://www.facebook.com/cafekokko) that I went looking for in it’s former location and therefore couldn’t find it also sounds quite promising, and I’ve just found this post with lovely picutures of „The best 7 Cafes in Helsinki“: http://www.neverendingvoyage.com/best-cafes-in-helsinki/. You might also wanna look at their post on „The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Helsinki“: http://www.neverendingvoyage.com/10-best-vegetarian-restaurants-in-helsinki/.


Sinisen Huvilan Kahvila






At Silvoplee (Toinen Linja 7, http://www.silvoplee.com), they have a buffet with veggies, salads and soups and they also serve other dishes, cakes, smoothies and drinks. Zucchini (Fabianinkatu 4, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zucchini/195785583799461) was somehow always closed (on holiday) when I tried to go there. But it seems to be a place worth checking out, too. 

DSC03032DSC03029Kippo (Mannerheimintie 14-20, at Forum 3rd floor, http://cafekippo.fi) serves frozen soy joghurt with a choice of toppings. They used to be at Iso Roobertinkatu, but have moved and also expanded their menu, which now includes smoothies, nice sandwiches and some more. They used to have a vegan cupcakes’ stall at Forum as well (Niia’s Cupcakes), but it seems that it has closed. The frosting was way too much and too sweet for my taste anyway.

IMG_6855For a vegan falafel, Fafa’s (Iso Roobertinkatu 2, http://www.fafas.fi) might be the place to go to. They also offer sweet potato fries. Furthermore, you can stock up or get some take away at Stockmann Deli (Aleksanterinkatu 52, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stockmann-Deli/116722485051889) and Ekokauppa Ruohonjuuri (Salomonkatu 5, http://www.ruohonjuuri.fi/myymalat/helsinki-kamppi/). K-Supermarket Postitalo (Elielinaukio 2 G, http://www.k-supermarket.fi/kaupat/postitalo/) offers quite a good selection of vegan goods as well.


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